Vegan in Pai – Vegan Eats at Pai Walking Street

vegan pai walking street thailand

Pai is a gorgeous little hippy town in the North of Thailand surrounded by fields and mountains.

It’s filled with lovely little cafes, restaurants, bars, markets and adorable stray dogs and cats (which seem to own the place, you’ll find them casually strolling into restaurants for naps and snacks).

If you’ve done any research into Pai at all, you’ll know that one of the number one things to do is to visit Pai Walking Street (and for good reason!!!!).

It’s a strip in the town centre that’s buzzing during the day and night.

During the daytime, the shops, restaurants, cafes and bars are busy with tourists, locals and expats. If you’re into shopping, there’s lots of amazing little boutique shops that sells things you don’t see anywhere else.

Every evening from 6.30pm, the markets go up on Pai Walking Street.

It’s not only just a great place to get souvenirs or little bits and bobs for your home…

It’s a food heaven.

Even more importantly…


Eating vegan in Pai is a piece of (egg-free, dairy-free) cake!

I was so pleasantly surprised at all of the options there are for a vegan in Pai, as I’ve struggled a lot with market stalls in Thailand.

I honestly just wish I had a never ending stomach, so that I could try everything!!

Here’s what’s on offer 🙂

Apologies about the bad quality of the photos, we went on a trek earlier in the day and accidentally dropped the camera in a river *GRIMACES*. I also think I got spring roll oil on my phone camera, so some of the pics are worse than others…


Vegan Spring Rolls

pai walking street vegan food
Spring roll HEAVEN. All vegan apart from the two sweet ones on the top left (Banana with Chocolate, and Banana with Nutella).
10 baht for 1
20 baht for 3 (no brainer)

Vegan Potato Twists

pai walking street vegan food
Potato Twists!! You get to choose which topping / sauce you’d like. All are vegan apart from the Cheese and the Sour Cream and Onion options.
30 baht

Vegan Curry Puffs

pai walking street vegan food
All sorts of fillings – green curry, yellow curry, red curry!
10 baht per piece

Vegan Gyozas

pai walking street vegan food
Gyoza queen!!
1 for 10 baht
6 for 50 baht
10 for 80 baht


Vegan Loaded Fries

pai walking street vegan fries
Crinkly fries topped with soy pieces, salad and vegan garlic mayo
80 baht

Vegan Naan Roll with Curry

pai walking street vegan food
Naan roll filled with heaps of veggie curry
100 baht

Vegan Biryani & Somosas

pai walking street vegan food
Small 25 baht / Large 50 baht
69 baht

Vegan Falafels & Pitas

pai walking street vegan food
The queue for this place was the biggest in the whole market! Falafels in pitta with hummus, tahini sauce and fresh veggies
100 baht

Vegan Hummus Wraps & Salad Pittas

pai walking street vegan food
Tropical salad
70 baht
Pita bread with Salad
70 baht
Wraps with veggies and peanut sauce
50 baht

Vegan Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

pai walking street vegan food
Sweet potato topped with avocado, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, aubergines, pestos and salsa *and breathe*
150 baht


Vegan Coconut Pancakes

pai walking street vegan food
10 baht

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

pai walking street vegan food
All sorts of flavours – Almond, Cashew, Peanut, Coconut & Plain
30 baht per piece

Vegan Cakes & Brownies

pai walking street vegan food
Chocolate Banana Cake
50 baht
Chocolate Brownies
35 baht

Fresh Fruits & Smoothies

pai walking street vegan food
Fresh fruit
20 baht
30 baht

Mango Sticky Rice

pai walking street vegan food
40 baht

As you can see there are so many options and we are absolutely spoilt for choice!

Hope you’ve found this helpful.

If you’d like some tips on eating vegan in Thailand, check out my blog post – TOP TIPS – Eating Vegan in Thailand

If you’re also planning on visiting Chiang Mai – check out my Favourite Eats in Chiang Mai.

Happy eating!! 🙂

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