My Favourite Substitutes

There are pretty much substitutes for any animal product – meat, milk, even eggs. The options are growing and growing as more and more substitutes are quickly being developed. I have personally found that different products work better in different dishes, so I just wanted to share what I have found works best, and my favourite substitutes for different things πŸ™‚

Beef-style Burgers

Linda McCartney’s 1/4 LB burgers are my personal favourite. Before I turned vegan, the burgers with Mozzarella were an important part of my diet… and these are the perfect replacement. They’re bigger and heartier than other ones I’ve tried – a lot of the other one’s are lovely taste-wise, but I often have to double up on them as they’re tiny.

burgers.pngQuorn Vegan Burgers


Cheese, for me, was probably the most difficult part of turning vegan. I’m pretty sure they put additives or something in there because despite the fact that it used to make me feel sick, I used to crave it ALL THE TIME. After a few weeks, the cravings for real cheese just disappeared completely, and I (surprisingly) don’t actually miss it at all anymore.

It was also a struggle because the vegan cheeses that I was trying were (to put it straight) disgusting. I made it my mission to find a cheese that was at least average. Because most of the cheeses are coconut-based, I struggled to find one where the taste of coconut wasn’t too strong. But then I found Violife.Β 

The Sainsburys near me just stocks Violife Original Flavour Slices, so I always have a packet of these in my fridge. They’re the closest thing I’ve found to real cheddar, without being sickly! And they melt slightly too. I use them in burgers, sandwiches, toasties, even in recipes like lasagna and Mexican food.Β violfeFor Christmas my boyfriend got me a Mozzarella substitute by Green VieΒ which is DELICIOUS. The best thing about it is that it melts and browns off under the grill like real cheese. The only downfall is, it’s hard to find, and because of that it’s expensive. But because of how tasty it is, I will definitely buy it every now and then as a treat.Β Image result for mozzarella green vieChicken-style Nuggets

Fry’s Family chicken-style nuggets are AMAZING. They taste better than the real thing. Quorn vegan nuggets are a close second, still better than the real thing πŸ™‚

Image result for fry's family chicken style nuggetsImage result for quorn nuggets vegan

Dairy-free Butter

There are so many options for dairy-free butters nowadays, all made from different vegetable oils. My favourite taste-wise has got to be Flora’s Freedom Avocado & Lime Spread. The flavour is amazing with a subtle taste of avocado and lime, surprise surprise. This has to be my favourite to have on toast.floraVitalite Sunflower Spread has to be my favourite for all-round purpose – it tastes just like margarine (which I always preferred over butter). I think this is better for cooking and baking purposes as it hasn’t got an overpowering flavour.

When I first cut out dairy products, my go to plant-based milk was soya. My dad always drinks it and I was just more familiar with it. I’ve also now tried almond, coconut, oat, hemp and cashew, but soya is still probably my favourite taste-wise. However, I have read some articles about how too much of it is not great for you (don’t quote me on it) so I have moved onto experimenting with different options (just a personal choice). My go to is now almond milk.Β It’s got a subtle nutty taste which I like, and is readily available in most stores.almond.pngSausages

Linda McCartney’s Vegan Sausages are hands-down my favourite, with the VegiDeli selection as another tasty option.

sausages.pngImage result for vegan sausages vegi deli


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