Vegan in Chiang Mai – Favourite Vegan Eats

Chiang Mai has to be one of my favourite towns in the world.

It’s a beautiful town in Northern Thailand, surrounded by mountains.

The people are really friendly, the weather is amazing and most importantly, the food is incredible!!!ย 

Being a Buddhist country, the Thai people are generally very understanding of the vegetarian and vegan diet, so you won’t struggle at all to find something to eat!

If you’re looking for tips on eating your way around Thailand, check out my ‘TOP TIPS – Eating Vegan in Thailand” post.

Here is a list of my favourite restaurants during my time here ๐Ÿ™‚

Thai Food   

Coconut Shell – Old Town 

This has to be my favourite restaurant from my time in Chiang Mai. I honestly could not get enough and could of happily eaten here every day, if I wouldn’t feel guilty about trying new restaurants. Especially with there being so many! We still ate here at least once a week though.

PRICE: The food is incredibly cheap, with most dishes priced at around 50 baht, which is around a crazy ยฃ1.20! I was also able to feed my spring roll addiction here for just 40 baht!

MENU: It’s not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant but they have a big vegetarian menu, most of which could be veganised by specifying that you’d like your meal vegetarian, without egg. All of the food is local and super fresh.

ATMOSPHERE: It’s a small restaurant with only around 10 tables, a few of which spill onto the street, so you feel like you’re getting a local experience. The owners are really welcoming and friendly and the service is really quick.

Cooking Love – Old Town

We actually came across this restaurant as the owner also ran a lovely little restaurant at the bottom of our apartment which we fell in love with! When we found out she also owned another restaurant, we just had to check it out! The menu was exactly the same and the food was just as amazing. The service here stands out to me as the staff are all really friendly and helpful, and you even get complimentary fruit and tea at the end of your meal.

PRICE: Cheap! Most dishes are priced between 60-90 baht (which is ยฃ1.50-2.10).

MENU: Huge Thai menu with a whole page of vegetarian options at the back, most of which are vegan, or can be made vegan by asking for it without egg. There’s also a note at the bottom of the page to state that most dishes on the menu can be made vegetarian, so you are spoilt for choice!

ATMOSPHERE: Lovely, large-ish restaurant down a quiet alley. Most of the tables are outside, where there are lots of plants and lanterns hanging above you in the trees. It’s really peaceful. The waiters and waitresses are all really friendly and helpful.

V-Secret – Night Bazaar

This is a tapas style stall in the Night Bazaar with delicious food, 100% vegan! Along with the selection of food, we loved that they are eco friendly with no plastic, and edible serving dishes like leaves and cucumbers! Will definitely go back to try other things on the menu!

PRICE: 2 dishes for 100 baht or 3 dishes for 140 baht

MENU: It’s kind of like tapas style eating as there are about 15-20 small/medium size dishes to choose from. We ordered the Chinese sausage, tempeh curry, sweetcorn fritters and tofu banana bites. All were delicious, particularly the sweetcorn fritters!

ATMOSPHERE: Located in the night bazaar, there’s a fun, lively atmosphere with live music in the background.

Junk Food

vegan eats Chiang Mai

By Hands Pizza – Old Town

Okay so I’ve always found that it’s so difficult to find even a half-decent pizza on holiday, anyone else with me on this?! HOWEVER, By Hands is an exception to this. Honestly, I think it’s the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had?! There’s no vegan cheese, but there doesn’t need to be. If you’re a pizza fan – you have to go! They have an authentic stone oven and everything is made fresh in front of you.

PRICE: 190-240 baht – bit on the pricer end of the spectrum, but SO worth it, and for pizza, it’s expected.

MENU: It’s not a vegan restaurant, or even veggie, but they have 4 vegan pizzas on the menu. I admit I keep going back for the same one – The Green Vegan, which is a pesto base topped with aubergine, mushrooms and capers (which I swap out for artichokes). It’s just too good. Drooling now thinking about it.

ATMOSPHERE: In a nice quiet part of the Old Town, but the restaurant is always busy! Luckily I’ve not had to wait for a table, but there is quite often a short queue (don’t let it put you off).

Munchies – Old Town

I was so happy to be here when this place first opened up, as I hadn’t yet found an all-vegan junk food restaurant in Chiang Mai. It did not disapoint! I would highly recommend a visit here if you are a fan of junk food.

PRICE: A bit pricey, but worth it for what you get. Meals are around 200-300 baht.

MENU: Burgers, chips, wedges, mac n cheese, jalepeno poppers, nachos… all things delicious!!! The cheese burger was I think the best burger I’ve had, the sauce was incredible. The mac and cheese portion was huge and the bacon bits in there were so similar to bacon I honestly questioned whether it was real.

ATMOSPHERE: A small fast food restaurant with a few tables and chairs.

Western / Thai / All-Sorts

Blue Diamond – Old Town

PRICE: Cheap – prices range from 75-150 baht. A delicious muffin will cost you 35 baht ๐Ÿ™‚

MENU: Not a veggie/vegan restaurant, but they have a huge menu consisting of breakfast, brunch, salads, pasta, Thai food and an amazing range of vegan desserts and sweet treats <3 cupcakes, cookies, croissants, cinnamon rolls, donuts…. the list goes on!! It’s absolute VEGAN HEAVEN.

ATMOSPHERE: Bliss. Most of the seats are outside, where they have a koi pond and a waterfall. There’s a mixture of tables and chairs, swinging chairs, and low tables and cushions to sit on, depending on how chill you’re feeling. So lovely to come here for an afternoon to soak up the sun whilst enjoying lovely food.

Indian Food

vegan eats Chiang Mai

Kabab House – Old Town

It’s normally pretty easy to veganise meals at Indian restaurants, as they can usually just cook most dishes with vegetable oil instead of ghee. We stumbled across this restaurant after having a few drinks round the corner from here. It’s my favourite Indian restaurant in Chiang Mai so far as they do a really tasty and super cheap set meal ๐Ÿ™‚

PRICE: CHEAP! Set menu for 130 baht.

MENU: Not veggie or vegan, but have lots of vegetarian dishes that can be veganised by requesting it be cooked without ghee. They do an amazing set menu which comes with vegetable curry, daal, roti, saffron rice and salad – YUM.

ATMOSPHERE: Great location for people watching! Right on one of the busy roads in Old Town. Lots of bars near by too. It’s always been really quiet in the restaurant whenever we have gone, so you won’t have to worry about waiting for a table.

Desserts & Sweet Treats

vegan eats Chiang Mai

Mango Tango – Mango Sticky Rice – Nimman

Mango sticky rice is sold all over Thailand but the best I have had is from Mango Tango! It’s a little pricier than others but it’s so worth it!!

PRICE: 185 baht

MENU: They’ve got a whole range of mango drinks and desserts, a lot of which are vegan – just ask the staff and they can advise ๐Ÿ™‚

ATMOSPHERE: Tourist hot spot! It’s always so packed, but for good reason! Modern and cool interior.

Churro Gato Cafรฉ – Churros – Old Town

vegan eats Chiang Mai

PRICE: Cheap! You can get 1 churro for 25 baht, 3 for 100 baht, 6 for 180 baht or 10 for 300 baht.

MENU: You can either get the plain churros or sweet cinnamon churros, with a choice of either dark chocolate or coconut caramel dip ๐Ÿ™‚

ATMOSPHERE: Diner style cafe located in the Old Town. If you love cats, you’ll be in for a treat as the owner has lots of beautiful maine coon kitties at the back of the cafe!!!! You can even go inside and play with them after you’ve washed your hands.

Blue Diamond – Cakes, Cookies & Pastries – Old Town

PRICE: around 35 baht per treat ๐Ÿ™‚

MENU: It’s a restaurant (read more above) that doubles up as a vegan bakery where you can find croissants, donuts, muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls…. the list goes on <3

ATMOSPHERE: Bliss. Most of the seats are outside, where they have a koi pond and a waterfall. There’s a mixture of tables and chairs, swinging chairs, and low tables and cushions to sit on, depending on how chill you’re feeling. So lovely to come here for an afternoon to soak up the sun whilst enjoying lovely food.

vegan eats Chiang Mai

Ikati – Soft Serve Ice Cream – Nimman

PRICE: 50 baht

MENU: Coconut or Taro Coconut

ATMOSPHERE: It’s a lovely little stall opposite Maya Mall in Nimman. Located next to a really lovely grandad tree where we normally sit and enjoy ours ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you’ve found this helpful!

If you have any other recommendations for me whilst I’m here, please let me know by dropping me a comment below ๐Ÿ™‚

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Happy eating!!

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