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I was born and raised in London and over the years I have seen HUGE changes in the food that restaurants are serving.

Back in 2014, it was a struggle to go out and eat vegetarian, let alone vegan! Even when I first went vegan in 2017, it was a struggle. I had to go specifically to vegetarian and vegan places, or do lots of research into restaurants before going anywhere.

However, nowadays, eating vegan in London is easy as (vegan) pie! 

Most chain restaurants have added vegan options to their menu, and there are 100% vegan restaurants popping up all the time.

London has is even now frequently named the Vegan City of the world <3 how lucky I am!!!

Here is a list of my favourite restaurants to visit all over London, depending on what you are looking for 🙂

Price Code per Main Meal: £: Under £10 // ££: £10-20 // £££: £20+


Eat by Chloe.

I am more than a little obsessed with Eat by Chloe! Literally, I went through a phase of eating 5 days a week when it first was added to Deliveroo near my work. Fair to say, I was living the dream!

They have a delicious menu consisting of brunch, burgers, sandwiches, salads, pastas, as well as a roast dinner, and fish and chips. It’s kind of like healthy junk food as it’s just as satisfying, but without being loaded in grease and fat.

Additionally, if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be happy here. Eat by Chloe also offer a lovely range of sweet treats like cookies and pastries, which you can enjoy with hot drinks or fresh juices.

Location: Covent Garden • Price: ££


A vegetarian and vegan restaurant serving dishes from all over the world.

You can get anything from salads, to pies to curries – and it’s all incredible.

Mine personal favourites are their Sri Lankan curry and their Mock Chicken burger, if you’re a fan of mock meats. I keep telling myself every time I go back there that I have to try something new, but I just keep going back for more! 

Locations: Camden, Soho, Dalston and Kings Cross • Price: ££

The Gate

This is the perfect date night location. Their restaurants have a really nice, relaxing and intimate ambience. 

The Gate offers an amazing range of fancy food from all over the globe, that is delicious and well thought through. 

My personal favourite is their wild mushroom risotto cake, pictured above. Additionally, their vegan tarts are also incredible.

Locations: Hammersmith and Marylebone • Price: ££


Another amazing date night location. It’s fancy food.

They make all sorts of cuisines including Mexican, English, Jamaican and French. So whatever you fancy, you can find it here.

Not only do they do amazing main dishes, their starters and desserts are incredible too! We always get a portion of their cheesy bites to start 🙂

Personally, I would highly recommend their homemade bangers and mash and their Jamaican platter.

It’s a little pricier than some other restaurants, but it’s totally worth it as the portion sizes are huge and the food is of a real high quality.

Location: Camden • Price: ££


Temple of Seitan

The first vegan chicken shop!

When this place first opened up, the queues literally went all the way down the road!! And for good reason.

Honestly their mock chicken is so good it could fool a meat eater into thinking they were digging into a real chicken burger.

They do burgers, wraps, wings and popcorn chicken, among other things. You can also find sweet treats here, such as cookies and croissants.


Locations: Camden and Shoreditch • Price: £

What the Pitta!

The best vegan kebab!

If you’re a fan of mock meats then this is an absolute must go for you! It’s definitely another one to fool the meat-eaters.

You can order doner or falafel wraps, salad boxes, chip boxes and snack boxes. Pretty much like a real kebab shop.

They also do an incredible vegan baklava and have a freezer full of delicious vegan ice creams!

Locations: Shoreditch & Camden • Price: £

Biff Jack’s Shack

AMAZING burgers and loaded fries. 

This is real naughty food. Biff’s Jack Shack do incredible, huge burgers and loaded fries, and get really creative with their menu. They also do amazing jackfruit wings, with a range of sauces and toppings. 

My personal favourite is The Samuel Hell Jackson which is spicy burger loaded with jalapeños and spicy cheese – YUM. 

Highly recommended if you have the munchies.

Locations: Shoreditch • Price: £

Herman Ze German

Amazing seitan hotdogs and the best air fried chips!!

You can either get a seitan roll, AKA a vegan hotdog, or a veggiewurst with chips. This is a vegan sausage chopped up and smothered in their homemade tomato sauce – it’s delicious!

In my opinion this is definitely the best spot to grab a hot dog.

Locations: Soho • Price: £


Pho Cafe

This is a chain restaurant that are all over the UK. 

They offer fresh and healthy Vietnamese ‘street food’.

Pho isn’t a vegan or vegetarian restaurant. However, pretty much everything on the menu can be made vegan. This includes, curries, soup noodles, dry noodles, rice bowls, salads and THE BEST spring rolls you will ever eat!

Locations: all over London • Price: ££

Busaba Eathai

Busaba Ethai is another chain restaurant which restaurants all over London.

To me, they’re one of the best Thai restaurants for a vegan in London!

They’re not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant but offer loads of vegan options, and have them clearly marked on their menu.

I would highly recommend their spring rolls, Sriracha Ho Fun Noodles, and their Soyamari, which is a vegan version of calamari. 

Locations: all over London • Price: ££


Club Mexicana

Amazing Mexican food 100% vegan!

Club Mexicana do incredible tacos and nachos loaded with Mexican beans, chilli and a delicious vegan sour cream.

They have a market stall based in Camden Market. I love going down there when the weathers nice and eating my food by the canal in the sun 🙂

If you fancy sitting down indoors, they also have a branch at The Spread Eagle pub in Shoreditch – the first vegan pub in London! This branch also offers amazing burgers, ‘chicken’ wings and desserts!

Locations: Camden & Shoreditch • Price: £

favourite restaurants london


This of course isn’t a 100% vegan restaurant but they have an amazing vegan menu that you can request!

They have adapted many of their popular dishes to fit the vegan diet.

You can order tacos, burritos, nachos and delicious salad bowls, like pictured above!

Locations: All over London • Price: £


favourite restaurants london

Pizza Express

Another chain restaurant that isn’t specifically vegetarian or vegan, but they are really vegan friendly.

Pizza Express have the option of swapping cheese out for vegan cheese, and have a range of vegan pizzas, pastas and starters on their menu.

My personal favourite is the Vegan Giardiniera, photoed above.

They also have gluten-free bases.

Locations: All over London • Price: ££

favourite eats london


This is a 100% gluten free restaurant in Soho, which is also vegan-friendly.

Leggero offer a wide range of starters, main meals and desserts, many of which are vegan!

Their food is super light, fresh and delicious.

Location: Soho • Price: ££


Doughnut Time

My obsession.

Doughnuts was one thing that I was really sad to not have readily available as a vegan. But then Doughnut Time came to London! It was a really happy day!

They have a whole range of vegan doughnuts, including the classic jam filled ring as well as red velvet, caramel, chocolate and coffee flavours. You will be spoilt for choice!

Their doughnuts are rather expesive at £4-5 per doughnut, but honestly, it’s worth it.

Location: All over London • Price: ££


A 100% vegan ice cream parlour.

Yorica offer a wide range of different flavours that you can either have as standard or soft serve ice cream.

Furthermore, they also have a wide range of different toppings such as brownies, biscuits, sweets and sauces.

You can have on a cone, in a cup or even on a fresh warm waffle! Delicious!

Location: Soho • Price: ££

Hope you have found this helpful! 

I’d love to hear your favourite vegan eats in London, let me know by dropping me a comment below 🙂 

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