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vegan eats amsterdam netherlands

A vegan in Amsterdam is a happy vegan.

Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities and I’ve been visiting at least once a year for 6 years now!

It’s a beautiful town in the Netherlands filled with endless scenic views, lovely cafes and coffeeshops, quirky shops, art, museums and most importantly… AMAZING FOOD.

Some of the best food I’ve had has been in Amsterdam. Probably partly due to something else that they have to offer, but still, the food is incredible.

It’s a vegan heaven so you definitely don’t have to worry about going hungry! Especially with the help from my list below.

Here are all of my favourite vegan eats in Amsterdam, so far. 🙂

Vegan Junk Food Bar

OH MY GOD. This is the best vegan junk food I ave ever had and that is no lie! It’s an absolute must go if you’re a junk food fan, even if you aren’t a vegan. I normally try to avoid going to places more than once when I go on holiday as there is so much to try, but we had to go back here a second time to try more on the menu!

They have a big menu consisting of burgers, loaded fries, snacks and salads. Firstly, my sister and I tried the Kapsalon loaded fries, and they were so incredible we still talk about them all the time. We also tried their cheesy spring rolls, which were so cheesy we could not believe it! We also highly recommend their chicken burgers and bitterballen <3

They make the sort of food that could honestly fool a meat eater.

They have 4 branches scattered all over Amsterdam so you shouldn’t have to travel far to find one.

Website –

Meatless District

This is another 100% vegan restaurant offering amazing brunch and dinner!

They have a varied menu offering your trusty avocado on toast and even serve a vegan version of a smoked salmon bagel! You can also order burgers and salads, as well as some traditional European food such as rookworst (which is basically sausage and mash), terrine (pâté) and pappardelle (flat, wide pasta, similar to fettuccine).

They also have a vast range of vegan alcohol so it’s a perfect spot to enjoy a drink with your food.

Website –

vegan eats amsterdam netherlands


The best jacket potato I’ve ever had!

If you’re a fan of the humble jacket potato, you must go.

Their potatoes are huge and they have two vegan options – Spicy Green Curry and Seasonal Green Veggies.

I’ve been twice and on each visit I ordered the Spicy Green Curry potato topped with mixed nuts, and serve with hummus on the side. It’s absolutely sensational!!! Just look at it <3

They’re really reasonably priced at € 6,00 and they have 3 branches in Amsterdam.

Website –

Sherpa Restaurant

This is a lovely Nepalese / Tibetan / Indian restaurant conveniently located in Liedseplein.

They aren’t a vegetarian restaurant, but they have a whole range of vegetarian dishes, most of which can be veganised by cooking with vegetable oil instead of ghee. Just ask which ones can be veganised, and they will happily point it out for you.

We ordered their onion bhajis and devilled spicy potatoes to start – highly recommended. I had their mixed vegetable curry as my main. YUM.

Website –

vegan eats amsterdam netherlands

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop

Amsterdam is famous for it’s pancakes, there are pancake shops everywhere! Not many of them offer a vegan option, which is why I was thrilled to find this one 🙂

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop a really cute little pancake shop on the corner of a back alley near Amsterdam Central.

It’s not a vegan restaurant, but they offer a vegan option and have a variety of vegan toppings and sauces to try!

Website –

Sugo Pizza

I LOVE PIZZA. Everywhere I go I vow to find a delicious vegan pizza, and I found one here!

The restaurant offer single slices and have a few vegan options to choose from. Similarly to the famous New York Pizza, their pizza slices are made fresh daily and are displayed in their window. They heat them up for you when you order.

Slices range from € 2,80 to € 3,40 which is really reasonable for pizza, especially as food can be pretty pricey in Amsterdam.

Website –

vegan eats amsterdam netherlands

Maoz Vegetarian

This is a chain restaurant that specialises in falafels and kebabs. They used to be a vegetarian but went fully vegan in 2018 and have taken yoghurt off their menu <3

You choose between a pita pocket, salad box, rice box or hummus bowl and then choose your toppings. They have also now added meat-substitutes to their menu so you can get shawarma pieces too!

There are 4 restaurants

It’s an absolute must try!!!

Website –

Golden Temple Vegetarisch Restaurant

Golden Temple is the older vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam!

It’s a lovely date night location as it’s intimate and cosy.

The prices are higher than the other restaurants on this list, however it’s worth it if you’re looking for a purely vegetarian restaurant with a lovely quiet and peaceful ambience.

They mainly sell Asian food but have some Mexican dishes too. Additionally, they sell some amazing desserts! We ordered their raspberry cheesecake which was in incredible!

Website –

Loving Hut

These wonderful restaurants are scattered all over the world! Their food is 100% vegan and 100% delicious!

They sell a huge variety of food, including burgers, sandwiches, nuggets, stir fries, curries, desserts…. the list goes on!

If you’re a fan of mock meats, then this is a must go for you as they have a whole range of fake meats which could fool a meat eater.

Website –

Hope this has been helpful!

I’d love to hear what you enjoyed the most, and if you found anymore restaurants that I must try on my next visit – drop me a comment below 🙂

Happy eating 🙂

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